With Thanksgiving weekend almost upon us, I decided to think about some of the things that make me happy and bring joy to my life.    I have pure gratitude for these most awesome gifts.


I absolutely love a walk in the fall sunshine, when the leaves are at their prime.     The smells, the warmth of the sun, and the absolute beauty of mother nature – what a gift!


I love to laugh.   And I mean really laugh.    I love funny people, and am grateful for really funny and clever people.     And I totally love this guy!     Doesn’t he just make you smile?


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Charlie Brown Christmas special!     ‘Nuff said.

Cottage summer 2010 040 (Small)

I love the cottage beaches of the Ottawa River.    I am grateful for the life I’ve had and have, in this sanctuary.    Nothing like it.

georgia o'keiff

I totally love, and always have loved this print by Georgia O”Keefe.    It hangs in our living room today.


Totally love the feeling of a thunderstorm.     The feeling of anticipation before it starts, and mother nature’s aggression on the earth, only to finish in quiet and loving silence.


Mmmmmmmmmmmm… the smell of spring and freshly bloomed lilacs.     I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have gratitude for this gift.


Hello feather duvet!!!   Ohhhhhhhhh……..

sking jpeg

Skiing in the beautiful sunshine – there’s nothing like it.      I am “floating” just thinking about it.    Gratitude!


And of course, nectar of the Gods.     Thank you for sharing, Gods!!    Wine is truly a gift (just add baguette and cheese).   Oh my.

And these are some of the things I have gratitude for this Thanksgiving weekend.   



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