Back at it……

While I’m a little behind on my writing (thanks [literally] to an out of town trip for Thanksgiving weekend), I just had to share my exciting news.

On Friday past, I worked from home, and was preparing to have the kids over for a birthday celebration.       I ran out at lunch to pick up a few things, groceries, etc, and decided, instantaneously, that Friday was the day I was buying new running shoes.    So, I dropped into Bushtukah, to assess my choices and glean any info I could from the sales guy.  And there they were, the perfect pair, waiting for me, and on sale for $81!!!   Hello Asics Cumulus , you are mine!!

Thanksgiving 2010 034

Just a little aside, I have been nursing a case of Plantar Fasciitis since July, which I injured while training for the Army Run Half Marathon.  

And, on that glorious day, Friday, October 8th, I went out for my first run since my injury.    I called my friend Nat, who insisted on coming with me to ensure I wouldn’t overdo it (she knows me all too well), and out we went.    

The amazing feeling of running, having your body strong enough to carry you along, is to me, the greatest feeling in the world.     Don’t think I lost much by way of fitness level (have been in the gym all the while) , I kept up, could still hold a 2-sided conversation that consisted of more than “yes” and “no” on my part…….exhilarating!!

I feel as if my world has changed for the better.      Yeah, sneakers….nice to see you again, or I guess I should say “meet you” (you are new)!!!   I’M BACK!!!



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2 responses to “Back at it……

  1. Janice

    Went running this frosty morning ITuesday) and it felt great as well. I haven’t had a long break as you have had Sue (due to you injury) but I do find that running seems easier after a break of 3 or more days. Time for the body to recover maybe.

    • Yup recover time is important. As well, every day you run, you are just that much fitter, so the next run will be a little easier. Our bodies are amazing.

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