Hormone Balancing Project, Step 2

So, I mentioned a few weeks back that I have an ongoing “hormone balancing project” going on in my life right now.      My hormones are…..a little wacked out, let’s just say.     What does that mean exactly?     Well, it’s more than a little grumpiness on the last week of my cycle, it’s more than craving chocolate, and it’s more than feeling a little annoyed.       Really, it’s like having another personality.    As the month progresses, I can feel the other person getting bigger and angrier.      Try as I must, I can’t stop her.     I try and reason with her, but somehow I lose.    (She knows I’m writing this right now, perhaps she’ll read it in a week or two and take some pity :)).

I’ve been to a gynecologist who tested me on day 21 of my cycle.    Low and behold, my progesterone was so low, she said I needed bio-identical hormones to bring them up to an acceptable level.   This, she explained, was why I was feeling so crappy.     In fact, she told me I should be feeling worse, based on the test results.     LOVELY!

I tried the bio-identical progesterone, and it did seem to help.    But still, I couldn’t help but ask myself, WHY my hormones were so…….wacked (I just can’t think of a better word).    

To me, applying progesterone cream on my forearm, was nothing more than applying a band aid.     I”m OK with that, as along as I’ve done all the research.     I mean, really, I’m only 43, should I have wacked hormones?

Fast forward to my earlier post regarding my ND.    I decided to tackle it naturally.       The liver and the adrenal system are supporters of balanced hormones.    When these two organs are taxed, then hormones can fall out of line.     And hence, my liver cleanse (which is going very well by the way).

But wait!   There’s more.     While I knew bits and pieces of this, I have been researching the affects of “xenoestrogens” on hormones (also known as estrogen mimickers)   What are xenoestrogens you ask?      They play a large roll  in how much fat we carry and how high our risk for hormonally related cancers is  . “Xenoestrogens come from a large group (tens of thousands) of foreign compounds derived from synthetic materials like pesticides, plastics, body creams, detergents, food supplies and our environment.”     Things like laundry detergents, deodorants, creams, make-up.

When I think about it – we put bio-identical hormones on our skin to alter our current state, why wouldn’t these estrogen mimickers, which touch our skin, not do the same?    Now this makes sense to me.

OK, so the good news:    tonight, I bought eco-friendly laundry detergent (paraben and SLA free), eco-friendly dish detergent and dish washer soap, and Paraben-free Acne Treatment (because yes, yes, I have adult acne).    I already use all-natural deodorant (for the most part).

So, Step 1:    cleanse my liver, and get it clean and healthy.     Step 2: remove the chemicals from my life (as much as I have the power to).     Step 3:    ND appointment tomorrow (can’t wait!)

So, I encourage everyone do a little research on the following terms:    “xenoestrogens”, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), paraben’s, and really understand the affect of these things on our bodies.

(Sorry for the long post, but this is important stuff).


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