Time….I love you.

Having a dinner party tonight – having two of my girlfriends over with their hub’s.    I am proud to say, this is the first dinner party in…..maybe ever…..where I have tons of time left.      It’s currently 3:45, I am fully prepared, I’ve read the new People magazine, I’ve had a nap, I’m now writing here, and guests don’t arrive till 6:00.     

A-ha!!!!!     Do not cram as much as possible into one day, when one is having a dinner party.    A-ha (#2), perhaps cramming as much into any day, is just not all that fun.      A-ha (#3), one does not need to run mock-2 in order to live life to the fullest.

Perhaps this is me slowing down to somewhat normal speeds.

In the meantime, I have a new project (well it’s been an ongoing project).    I am “doing” our bedroom.      I have yet to get this room to a place where I sigh with love every time I walk in.   This is a must, especially for a bedroom.   I have love for almost every other room in my house (well almost).    So the first step, is the headboard.

headboard 4

Ohhhh, I love black and cream!!    I may re-create this.fabric headboard 5

This is a very cool idea.   I have not seen this before.   Love the band of contrasting fabric.

Love the monochromatic feel to this room.   Do love stripes.  And certainly love cream.

fabric headboard 3

Black and white again – I love this fabric.    

I think this will be tomorrow’s project.    After all, I have all the time in the world.    Hand me the staple gun!


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