“Project Natural” – how hard can it be?

Happy Saturday!       Week is over, blew off a little steam with some friends last night – uncorked some (organic!) wine, put a fire on, ordered in some Italian food.  (for Ottawa people, Fratellis does take-out!)  All goood.    Except, that my hub is gone hunting with all his brothers.    Miss him already 😦

So, I have a new project:    Project Natural.     As I mentioned in earlier posts, am working on my health holistically.    Have some hormone issues, a little adrenal burnout, you know, nothing that “y-o-g-a” can’t fix.  🙂    (which reminds me I must find a class to go to today – argggh)

I got thinking:    we, as a society work so hard (we do, right?)  to eat well, get enough of the good things we need to take care of our bodies, avoid (we do, right? :)) the things we shouldn’t have – so much is focused on what we put into our bodies.     But what about what we put ON our bodies?

For the last 2 weeks I have been researching, googling, talking, debating, asking, uncovering as much data as I can about our every day products.      I challenged myself to go all natural from head to toe.

Here’s the net of the net of it:     it’s fairly easy (once the research is done).     Loblaws now carries so much in their Natural section that I really didn’t have to go anywhere else – although I did (more below).

I share my list of all natural products with you and where I found them, in hopes that it may make it easier for anyone interested in this type of project (OK, maybe you don’t call this a ‘project’)

Laundry Detergent:    Martha Stewart Clean (Loblaws)

(Note:  this was my first product that I bought, I still didn’t understand all the chemicals and what they mean, so admittedly I bought it because of what it claimed on the label – I know, not good, but it did say, phosphate free and paraben free, so it made sense at the time.    Now I know what chemical/ingredients to look for.    Likely will not buy again due to the price.   But I do love the pump – will reuse the bottle.     Works well.)


Dishwasher liquid:   again Martha Stewart (see above Note) (Loblaws)

Works well but likely won’t buy again due to price.


Dishsoap:  Nature Clean (Loblaws)

Love it!


Shampoo and Conditioner:     http://www.giovanni.co.nz/products.htm  (Loblaws)

I use the Golden Wheat Shampoo and the 50/50 Balanced Hair Moisturizer.    Works great. 

Body soap/wash:    Nature Clean All Natural Body Wash – Orange and Seaweed (Loblaws).

Lathers great, nice smell, feel clean after using.    All good here.


Facial Cleanser:   Dessert Essence “Thoroughly Clean Face Wash”  (Loblaws)

So far I love it – and I have cantankerous skin.


Moisturizer:    Evan Healy Light Moisturizer (Rainbow Foods, Ottawa)


This product is new in the last 2 days.  So far I like, but I’ll get back to you on what my skin thinks.    Like the feel, it’s light and clean smelling with no chemical fragrance.     Check out the website – feel good.

Acne treatment (yes, I have acne at 43!):   Simply Natural Blemish Formula (Rainbow Foods, Ottawa)


My skin is LOVING this product.    Use it at night, but I think you could use it in the day too.      Love.


Makeup:   Zuii Organic Makeup (Rainbow Foods, Ottawa)


Not sure about this product yet – only 2 days in, well actually only 1 (yesterday).     It’s Saturday morning, no makeup yet (if at all).     Good texture.    Light but still gives nice even coverage.


Toothpaste:    http://www.tomsofmaine.com/products  (Rainbow Foods, but you can get this product at Loblaws.    Warning – it’s gross!).     Be careful here though, as some of their toothpastes do contain SLS, others don’t, so read the ingredients. 

So that’s it my friends.     Stay tuned for “Project Natural” Part 2 – this will be cleaning supplies.      More on this another day.

In the meantime, here is a list of chemicals to watch out for in your products:

cleansers: sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium myreth sulfate

petrochemicals: petrolatum, mineral oil, parrafin

preservatives: parabens (all of them), DMDM hydantoin

chemical sunscreens: oxybenzone, avobenzone, octinoxate

moisturizers: propylene glycol, butylene glycol, polyisbutene

Happy and healthy Saturday!!


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  1. Hmmm… I think you guys and your all-natural, all-healthy living is starting to rub off on me. Thanks for the ideas and the list of bad ingredients… I may have to do a bit of re-evaluation in my life as well!

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