Decision Points

George Bush’s book comes out today – Decision Points.      As I write this, I am watching the former president being interviewed on Oprah.     I must say, he is somewhat endearing today.      And I’m finding Oprah very accommodating considering she is, or has supported the Democrats in the last election.      I find her usually very “short” with guests she doesn’t support.     Maybe she’s maturing in her final season.

bush book

While I don’t usually follow American politics – other than my school girl crush on Obama – I am somewhat drawn to this book.      It will likely be an easy read – this is just a gut feeling of course 😉      He had a tough 8 years, I think it will be interesting to hear the “inside story”.

Evidently, he addresses 911, Saddam Hussein, weapons of mass destruction, and Katrina.     Man he had bad luck – his stars just did not line up!     Yes, I know he is accountable for the decisions he made, but really, that’s a lot of catastrophe in 8 years.

So, inquiring minds want to know:   will this book be on your Christmas list?   Or will you be taking a pass?


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