Things that bring on the happy

We moved into our new house in June of this year.   We moved twice before that, so there was much packing, and moving, and shuffling, and tossing things in to boxes.

As you likely can guess, stuff went missing for, what seemed like, forever.     Well I guess it is forever, ‘cause some of it is still missing, and may never be found at this point.

I lost my running Garmin watch – I looked for that (bleep) thing for 3 months.    It was nowhere.       Seriously, it was just nowhere in this house.      And then one day I used my psychic powers, and voila, there it was in the bottom of my knapsack (why in my knapsack I have no idea, certainly “I” didn’t put it there).

Then there was my retainer.      Missing.   Completely.     Just.  Gone.     These things are $500 to replace (and just so you know this ‘missing’ one was my second one which I had made just last winter, so it was 6 months old – argggh).     But then tonight arrived, and my psychic powers kicked in again, and low and behold, I thought it a good idea to open up my luggage.    And voila!    There it was, just sitting in the bottom of my suitcase.     I have no idea why my husband put it there – what on earth was he thinking??!!

Sooo, all to say, I am happy.        And hence, I bring you things that make me happy:

 woman and dog

(photo by Mark J. Asher via Etsy) – I feel this connection – this is LOVE.


(photo via – I adore this kitchen.   I have a thing for black and white, never mind in my all time favorite room!)

farm house with fireplace

(photo via Cote de Texas via Pure Style Home) – I love this room – I would never leave this room.


My front door – my home.

Layla Lexus

And of course, my girl (see first photo).

So, what are the things that make you happy?   

p.s.  I just finished watching Barbra Streisand on Oprah with Robert Redford – and I think I need to watch The Way We Were – this, I think would make me happy (or maybe sad, considering how it ends).

                            the way we were jpeg


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