A makeover, what’s not to love?

Short post tonight.     My blogging days are few thus far, but already am hankerin’ for a change.      So, I’m in design phase of a new and improved blog, coming soon.     Stay tuned for the unveiling of

Project Beautiful:     people, things, food, moments.

In the meantime, saw these posters and liked them, so thought I’d share. 

                                nice person

Ain’t that the truth!


Ok some of you, I know you have comments here.

                         stressed desserts

More truth spoken here.

Ok blog readers, I challenge you to please leave me a comment.      Starting to wonder….is there any life out there in the blog-sphere?



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3 responses to “A makeover, what’s not to love?

  1. Louise

    I’m a faithful follower my friend! You truly have inspired me on so many levels.

    I’ve been searching for perfect wreath now for the past week!!!

    Love you tons!

  2. Janice Vaillancourt

    I always read but don’t always comment. Your blog is always very interesting Sue!

  3. Michelle

    I’m following. I love it. Keeps me up to date with whats going on in your world.

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