Headboard done with a little help

Ahh, Sunday – they’re so good for projects.      Finally, our headboard is done.     And I LOVE it – yes!!!

Here’s a look and the project in progress:

                              headboard and layla 005

A few decorating projects on this baby (the green flowered fabric is the fabric-gone-wrong from a few weeks back).

                   headboard and layla 006

Our home-made headboard is made of of none other than “press board” and a 2×4 cut on the angle to hang it by (the other half is secured to the wall).

           headboard and layla 007 

The other half of the 2 x 4.

headboard and layla 009

Removing the old fabric – yup, it is simply stapled on.

headboard and layla 010

And our final product!!    (sans our pillows as I’ve yet to find matching linen).

headboard and layla 011

Pretty happy with this project.     Once linen is identified, purchased and implemented, shall post the final-final product.

And of course our little helper:

headboard and layla 003

headboard and layla 002

Loving the camera as always. 🙂

Leave me a note, if you would like more detail on how to make this headboard.



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5 responses to “Headboard done with a little help

  1. Loooove the headboard Susan!!! Looks great, and I’m glad you finally found the right fabric!

    Layla looks adorable, as usual!

  2. Yeah, I love it – only took 2 attempts (not bad!). Am now shopping for matching sheets and pillow cases. Will post when it’s complete. Thanks for the note.

  3. Love this fabric! Definitely a keeper! Good luck finding the bedding!

  4. Louise

    ABSOLUTELY love it my friend!!! Great job!

  5. Joanne Haché

    Great job Sue!! You know … at Michaels they have pretty much the exact paper to match that headboard fabric. If you are thinking of wall items you could always put the paper in a frame or a selection of frames (with or without photos), add a splash of red or other colour or even add something of sentiment (other than a photo). Another thought is to use the paper to cover something – clear glass vase (or just use a strip of paper to leave some of the glass showing) or a storage box etc. Easy and inexpensive ways to match some items to the new look. Have fun!

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