Mind Mapping your future? I’m game.

Reading an interesting book right now called “How to Mind Map:   The Ultimate thinking tool that will change your life” by Tony Buzan. ( watch)

Tony Buzan says that the brain functions in 2 ways:   imagination and association.    So, by drawing out a mind map we can not only see exactly everything that is going on in our brains, all on one page/picture/map, but we can draw out our future, gain a clear picture of it, and this will lead us there.

He says (like many others do):  “you tend to get, what you think you will get.”    And so a mind map can help us think very well about what we want.     Then this Mind Map will therefore significantly increase the probability that we will get it.

Interesting.   I’m game.   I can draw.  I have a pretty good imagination.     This will be my project for this weekend – amongst others of course (like hanging my Christmas wreaths.)

Have a watch of the video I included here – do a little research.     It’s kind of interesting.  I’m open (as per usual).

Let me know what you think.    In the meantime, here’s an example of a Mind Map:

roles-and-goals-490 jpeg



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2 responses to “Mind Mapping your future? I’m game.

  1. Janice Vaillancourt

    Working at a university, I’ve seen students use a similar technique to effectively study for exams (especially students who don’t study well in the traditional way – i.e. reviewing boring notes – that would be most of us!). The students actually make hugh diagrams on a wall with paper stickies, etc. It uses more of the senses and taps into the creative side of the brain.

    So I can see how it would be an effective tool in your everyday life.

  2. Leslie Robertson

    Very interesting! After watching the video and listening to the “expert” it sounds like all the geniuses did it…guess we better start!! Makes total sense tho…guess I need to stop making LISTS and start making MIND MAPS!!!??

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