Welcome to my About page.     Am struggling a little on what to write here.     Should I be explicit?    Should it be light?    And then I realized that you will come to know me through my posts.       The purpose of this blog is three-fold:   1)   a documentation of my scenic life (and I just can’t help it, it’s scenic), 2) according to my step-daughter, Leo’s require a creative outlet, so this is mine, and 3) maybe I can help someone along the way who has similar hurdles to jump and gates to pass, kind of a “strength in numbers” thing.

I have an amazing husband who I married 2 years ago.    I was 41 and he was 53.     We are 12 years apart, which freaked me out somewhat at the beginning, but I quickly realized that numbers mean nothing and spirit means everything.    He, by the way, is younger than me in spirit – which makes him so good for me.      

Here he is, my beautiful young-spirited husband on our wedding day (yes we got married in ski sweaters – the story of why we got marriedin ski sweaters will follow [eventually])

I have been gifted with two step-children (well they aren’t children really, they are 23 and 21).     They are ‘good people’, solid in their own individual ways, and fiercely tied to family values, which is just so refreshing.      I have a wonderful relationship with both of them, which is also so refreshing.   We’ve all heard the horror stories of step-parents vs. the step-kids.      I have gratitude for them in my life, the learnings they bring me, and hopefully the teachings I can provide them (afterall, I did take the scenic path so have lots to share, if and when needed).

Here they are:

I have two sisters, who I am thankfully very close to.    We are all so different, but yet alike.    I suppose this is natural considering we grew up in tight quarters (1000 sq ft house or maybe smaller) – the three of us shared one bedroom, one closet and one dresser (can you imagine!).    Our differences come, I think, in growing up and being parented at differing times in our  parents lives.       My mom, Sally (even the name makes you smile, doesn’t it?) is still with us, thankfully, however, our patriarch passed on to his next life about 10 years ago.    So, leaves us with all girls in my family, aside from my husband, my brother-in-law, and my step-son.     The guys are definitely outnumbered.   

And then there’s my pouch “Layla” – who is the second love of my life.     My husband got her for me for my 40th birthday.    I never had a pet before, so the thoughts of Layla were kinda daunting I must say.    But now, the thoughts of not having her, are far worse.    Here she is, my little pouchers.   The first pic is when she’s a baby, and the second pic about 1.5 years.

And that’s me – in a nutshell.       I have been gifted with wonderful people in my life, and a scenic journey (yes, I can say I’m grateful now, took a few decades though) which has provided, and continues to provide, life lessons and daily learnings that I plan to share along the way.


4 responses to “About

  1. Joyce

    I love it already! Love the pink and black theme. Very engaging. Love the photos – I think the photographer did a great job. It’s going to be great.

  2. Michelle

    AGREE with Auntie Joyce. Excellent Excellent. So happy/proud of you. The site looks so classy already. The colors.. black and white photos. So you!! Clean and fresh!!.. I think this is going to be a great creative project for you and I am SOOO excited for your always amazing stories/advice. They are always inspiring.

  3. Glo

    Sue, you amaze me girl! It looks great and I think you will love blogging, it is truly therapeutic and just plain old fun!


  4. Janice

    What is this?! Very exciting and very interesting bio.

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