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Mind Mapping your future? I’m game.

Reading an interesting book right now called “How to Mind Map:   The Ultimate thinking tool that will change your life” by Tony Buzan. ( watch)

Tony Buzan says that the brain functions in 2 ways:   imagination and association.    So, by drawing out a mind map we can not only see exactly everything that is going on in our brains, all on one page/picture/map, but we can draw out our future, gain a clear picture of it, and this will lead us there.

He says (like many others do):  “you tend to get, what you think you will get.”    And so a mind map can help us think very well about what we want.     Then this Mind Map will therefore significantly increase the probability that we will get it.

Interesting.   I’m game.   I can draw.  I have a pretty good imagination.     This will be my project for this weekend – amongst others of course (like hanging my Christmas wreaths.)

Have a watch of the video I included here – do a little research.     It’s kind of interesting.  I’m open (as per usual).

Let me know what you think.    In the meantime, here’s an example of a Mind Map:

roles-and-goals-490 jpeg



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Do good, feel good.

Last night, hub and I went to the Muscular Dystrophy Gala here in Ottawa.    I sat on the organizing and fundraising committee this year, so we were attending the event as guests.       The company I work for plays a significant  role in the corporate sponsorship program for MD Ottawa which is how I got involved.

I have to say, it feels good to do good.     We lead a blessed life, and instead of focusing on what we don’t have, it’s just so important to focus on how we can give back to help those who face the types of challenges that we cannot possibly know or understand.

My goal for 2011 will be to ‘give back’ to two charities/programs who can benefit from my time and support.

MD Canada  JPEG

                                                       question mark jpeg

And, I challenge you to give back some how, some way.      It’s win-win.     Those who have challenges benefit from our giving, and, well, it just feels good to give.       Do good, feel good.

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Listen or learn….

Today was a tough day.     First, I gotta say, dark mornings AND dark evenings are bit much on the psyche.    When the heck does the time go back?   Someone, please tell me.     I need one or the other:   bright mornings and dark evenings, or vice versa.  But not both!     Went to work this morning when it was dark and came home when it was dark.     Arggghhh.

More important in the day, I found out that individuals who I thought were friends, perhaps felt differently about me.     Ouch.      Very disappointing to say the least.      But, in hindsight, as I reflect back, I think the signs where there.    My instinct was telling me all along that maybe this wasn’t the right relationship for me.    

Instinct is a gift we all have, and yet is so tough to listen to.   Sometimes it whispers and other times it screams.      All the same, no matter how much we practice listening, there are times we still don’t get it right.        I’ve decided that the times we don’t get it right, is because we had something to learn.    Yes, we realize we have to listen better.   But more importantly, it forces us to look at ourselves and ask, what would I have done differently, and what am I going to do about it now.     You know, choose  your attitude.      Now that’s an invaluable skill – choosing your attitude.    Practice it, it’ll take you a long way.

So onward and upward.     I’ve decided to brush it off –  leave it behind .     But, I am definitely in reflection mode as I look forward. 

Live, LISTEN, and learn.

And besides, I just had a bowl of ice cream – life IS good.



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