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Am feeling a little Yoga.

What I know for sure, Oprah?    Today is Saturday, and today is going to be a yoga day.    Yes indeed friends, I feel it in my bones today (or I guess I should say muscles).     

Yin class is on in 35 minutes so short post.      And it’s with my favorite yogi,   

M-A-R-K-U-S…….:) 🙂

Lot’s on the agenda today.    Yoga 9:30-11:00.     Edelweisse Ski Hill Open house, Outdoor Project (birch logs arrived safe and sound last night from Fort William, Quebec), a stop at Home Outfitters for sheets to complete my Headboard-Bed ensemble, and then Hub, Layla and I, have been invited out to dinner at our friends’ place.

Whew – wish me luck fittin’ it all in.     BUT!!!  Because of my PC Celebration drinks last night, I have tonssssssss of energy and initiative today.

Now, on another note, check out:   Centsational Girl’s thoughts on Less is More..   I love her ideas here, and am thinking of recreating the same thing on our dining room hutch.


(photo via Centsational Girl)


(photo via Centsational Girl)

This “girl” (her name is Kate), has fantastic style on a “centsational” budget. 

Happy Happy Saturday!



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The next outdoor-project

With the front door project completed (so pleased with that project), I’m working on my next outdoor project – in my head, as we speak (write?).

I am a HUGE fan of outdoor arrangements in pots or urns.     And this, my dear friends, is my next project.

I’ve got my husband on it, he’s received his action items, and hopefully next weekend will be the outdoor-winter-arrangement-project for the front step.

Here’s what I’m aiming for:

urn with birch 1

Mine will don accessories of some sort –if I can find them.    Hello Micheal’s!


This is our front door, before we owned it.    But I did swoon over their outdoor arrangements as we were buying this house.     Again, am aiming for something close, sans dead hydrangeas.

Wish me luck – and stay tuned for the unveiling photos.

Happy Saturday night!


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It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas…..

Oh this weather just puts you the Christmas spirit doesn’t?      I know, the driving is treacherous and its damned cold out, but it is sunny, and we should be grateful for that.     And, the ground is white rather than dark and muddy from the rain.     Everything is bright.      Ahhhhhhh.

Speaking of Christmas spirit, I am happy to report my front door has now met Christmas.       Ooooo, and I am happy.    Exactly how I envisioned it.     Happy.   Happy.    Even did a little inside decorating, although I had to hold of my hub as he wanted to put up the Christmas tree – there will be no Christmas tree trimming inside “the Alcohol free zone” zone.    Nope.    That is one tradition I am not prepared to give up.     We always whip up some chocolate martini’s, blare Nat King Cole, and trim the tree.      The tree can wait just a little while longer – besides it’s only November (maybe someone should tell the weather man).

In the meantime, here is our front door and a little something extra with our left over wreaths (we had 5 from last year’s decorating project).

Christmas on Eden 001

Christmas on Eden 002

Christmas on Eden 005

Traditions are good for the soul, and so is decorating for Christmas I say.   Please share -what are your traditions?   And how do you decorate for the season?


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Headboard done with a little help

Ahh, Sunday – they’re so good for projects.      Finally, our headboard is done.     And I LOVE it – yes!!!

Here’s a look and the project in progress:

                              headboard and layla 005

A few decorating projects on this baby (the green flowered fabric is the fabric-gone-wrong from a few weeks back).

                   headboard and layla 006

Our home-made headboard is made of of none other than “press board” and a 2×4 cut on the angle to hang it by (the other half is secured to the wall).

           headboard and layla 007 

The other half of the 2 x 4.

headboard and layla 009

Removing the old fabric – yup, it is simply stapled on.

headboard and layla 010

And our final product!!    (sans our pillows as I’ve yet to find matching linen).

headboard and layla 011

Pretty happy with this project.     Once linen is identified, purchased and implemented, shall post the final-final product.

And of course our little helper:

headboard and layla 003

headboard and layla 002

Loving the camera as always. 🙂

Leave me a note, if you would like more detail on how to make this headboard.


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Things that bring on the happy

We moved into our new house in June of this year.   We moved twice before that, so there was much packing, and moving, and shuffling, and tossing things in to boxes.

As you likely can guess, stuff went missing for, what seemed like, forever.     Well I guess it is forever, ‘cause some of it is still missing, and may never be found at this point.

I lost my running Garmin watch – I looked for that (bleep) thing for 3 months.    It was nowhere.       Seriously, it was just nowhere in this house.      And then one day I used my psychic powers, and voila, there it was in the bottom of my knapsack (why in my knapsack I have no idea, certainly “I” didn’t put it there).

Then there was my retainer.      Missing.   Completely.     Just.  Gone.     These things are $500 to replace (and just so you know this ‘missing’ one was my second one which I had made just last winter, so it was 6 months old – argggh).     But then tonight arrived, and my psychic powers kicked in again, and low and behold, I thought it a good idea to open up my luggage.    And voila!    There it was, just sitting in the bottom of my suitcase.     I have no idea why my husband put it there – what on earth was he thinking??!!

Sooo, all to say, I am happy.        And hence, I bring you things that make me happy:

 woman and dog

(photo by Mark J. Asher via Etsy) – I feel this connection – this is LOVE.


(photo via – I adore this kitchen.   I have a thing for black and white, never mind in my all time favorite room!)

farm house with fireplace

(photo via Cote de Texas via Pure Style Home) – I love this room – I would never leave this room.


My front door – my home.

Layla Lexus

And of course, my girl (see first photo).

So, what are the things that make you happy?   

p.s.  I just finished watching Barbra Streisand on Oprah with Robert Redford – and I think I need to watch The Way We Were – this, I think would make me happy (or maybe sad, considering how it ends).

                            the way we were jpeg

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Project Procrastination

Ahhhh Sunday morning.      We are up and about – coffee is made and the fire is on.      I love having fires, but they are especially a treat in the morning while drinking coffee.

So today I’ve decided to tackle all the projects that I have been procrastinating on.       My first is loading every CD I own onto iTunes so I can turn my iPod, now configured for MAC, into a PC friendly iPod.    I have been meaning to do this for years.    You see, my friend Nat loaded up my iPod for me years ago, but she’s one of the MAC users (you know the one’s, they’ll only use MACS ‘cause they’re the best), and so have lived with this version for all these years.    No more!

Second, I plan on organizing our laundry room.    We (I should say my husband) is insulating it these days, so it is a focus at our house.      I see baskets, organized baskets.

Third, I do believe it’s time to put the patio furniture, if not at least the cushions, away for the season.     I’d say it’s about time.

And, if time permits, I’m “itchin’” to hang my wreaths.      Perhaps I’ll just dig them out of storage and I’ll be one step closer to dressing up my already pretty front door.

Isn’t November great?!      See, this is what I was talking about earlier in the month.     Get at your projects, you’ll be happier in December for it (or so my November horoscope says).


(cartoon via Inspiration Online)

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Itchy. (not what you think)

I’m feeling creative lately.      Maybe it’s the sun.      Maybe it’s where I live.   I’m not sure, but I have an itch.    I find myself searching for creative endeavors.       My house has had an overhaul in my head, a few times over (never mind my headboard – argggh).      I have an itch to start a business – but I’m just not sure what?    (if you have any ideas, please feel free to share).

We spent the evening with friends last night over take-out Chinese food, brainstorming on local hotel/motels, pizza joints, gyms, and wine bars.     I think it would be so rewarding to own my own business.     Doesn’t have to be big, but something that I could create, grow, work at while it satisfies this creative itch I have.     But I don’t think it’s just an itch per se – I think this might be something that is meant to be in this phase of life. 

Yes, I have my real estate license, and no, not sure how I’m going to use it yet.    But I’m thinking….ohhhhhh, I’m searching.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some of my creative itches:

dark flloors

Loving these dark/black floors – (photo via Decor Pad via Design Sponge)

headboard fabric

My headboard material – it arrived yesterday but we weren’t home to accept it, so looks like a Monday night project.

triple wreath

As mentioned before, I have a thing for door wreaths.     Am especially excited for this Christmas, as I’m doing just this:    the triple door wreath ensemble.   Oh yes, can’t wait, might even do it today!     Here  is a great video from House and Home on DIY holiday door wreaths – enjoy!

sarah richardson front door

I love these outdoor arrangements – this is another winter project of mine.   This picture is Sarah Richardson’s front door, complements of House and Home.


My final creative itch is to culture stone our fireplace.    This is not our fireplace, but am aiming for a similar look.     (photo via Aurora Masonry)

Well, I think that’s enough itchin’ and scratchin’, off to dig out my wreaths.     I’m worried the neighbors will think I’m crazy putting up Christmas wreaths.    But who cares, right?

(do you think it’s crazy?)…………….

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