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A makeover, what’s not to love?

Short post tonight.     My blogging days are few thus far, but already am hankerin’ for a change.      So, I’m in design phase of a new and improved blog, coming soon.     Stay tuned for the unveiling of

Project Beautiful:     people, things, food, moments.

In the meantime, saw these posters and liked them, so thought I’d share. 

                                nice person

Ain’t that the truth!


Ok some of you, I know you have comments here.

                         stressed desserts

More truth spoken here.

Ok blog readers, I challenge you to please leave me a comment.      Starting to wonder….is there any life out there in the blog-sphere?



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Decision Points

George Bush’s book comes out today – Decision Points.      As I write this, I am watching the former president being interviewed on Oprah.     I must say, he is somewhat endearing today.      And I’m finding Oprah very accommodating considering she is, or has supported the Democrats in the last election.      I find her usually very “short” with guests she doesn’t support.     Maybe she’s maturing in her final season.

bush book

While I don’t usually follow American politics – other than my school girl crush on Obama – I am somewhat drawn to this book.      It will likely be an easy read – this is just a gut feeling of course 😉      He had a tough 8 years, I think it will be interesting to hear the “inside story”.

Evidently, he addresses 911, Saddam Hussein, weapons of mass destruction, and Katrina.     Man he had bad luck – his stars just did not line up!     Yes, I know he is accountable for the decisions he made, but really, that’s a lot of catastrophe in 8 years.

So, inquiring minds want to know:   will this book be on your Christmas list?   Or will you be taking a pass?

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Work in progress…

Hey folks, am working on my blog this weekend.     You will likely see it transforming all through the weekend.

Gotta say, love this creative stuff.     Michelle you were right 🙂

Drop me a comment and let me know what you think… will likely change a few times throughout the weekend.

Happy Saturday.


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Blank screen…..

Been a few days since I’ve written – no reason really.      Just feeling a little “input-less”.       My new word.

Have  had a bit of a tough week, well 6 days actually, am expecting tomorrow to be FANTASTIC though, so I am hereby declaring my slump (funk?) over!!     Hear me universe??!!!!

So, Halloween is coming up, we’re in a new house, we are in a kid friendly zone, guess we better go get some chocolate.     OK, so this makes me happy.    God darnnit, what is not to love about mini chocolate bars!!???

I’ve decided that for the next few days I will search for a costume for Layla.     She loves to dress up and she loves to have her picture taken whilst dressed up (sounds a bit internet worthy doesn’t it?)  🙂

Here is our Layla, posing so proudly for the papparazzi.        More of the same expected for Sunday!.

Layla at Christmas 2009 006

Rudolph in disguise.


A bumblebee, of course!!!

And again, but oh so proud this time.

Layla headlampjpeg

A Chilean miner, with all due respect.

Layla 4jpeg

Ready to go to the party!

Happy week o’chocolate fest!!!!


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My new (not really new) fav song by Diana Krall – enjoy!

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Like going swimming….

You know, I’ve been working on setting up this blog for about…….2 weeks.      Inching a little closer and a little closer, but still, hesitation.        “Why?”  I ask myself.     “Why are you just not plunging in?”     And then I realized, being the cottage kid that I am  (I say “am” [present tense] – ‘cause once a cottage kid always a cottage kid) that this feels a lot like the first swim of summer.  I know I want to, I know I’m going to love it, but I just can’t bring myself to dive in.     So I walk out a little deeper, and a  little deeper still.

Ohhhhh, diving into water when it’s so hot outside, and the sand feels so hot, is just soooo AMAZING.     GAWD what’s not to love?

Well, this is me, standing hip deep in the cool (OK, freakin’ freezing) water DIVING IN!!!!

Wooooooooohooo – so refreshing and new – IT FEELS FANTASTIC!

Welcome to my blog, and my very first post.   Thanks for diving in with me!

(just hit “post”!!)

                                     diving in


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