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De-Alcoholized Wine – is it worthy?

Friday night it is folks!      Yes, indeed, it’s wind down night, and as I mentioned in the past, it is my night to blow off steam, kick back either with my hub, and/or with friends, and bring on some delicious wine and food.

Fast forward three weeks to today.      (Just as a refresher – I am on a 30-day “Alcohol-Free-Zone” to test alcohol, or the lack of, on my brain.    Yes, that’s right, does it make me crazy, is the question???).

OK, so back to today.    I am so happy right now, I can hardly stand it, and there are lots of reasons for this, friends.       First, it’s Friday, this we know for sure.      Second, last night while out to see a musical, we had some time to kill, so a friend and I dropped into a grocery store to see what they had by way of de-alcoholized wine.       Sidebar:    I always said, if I could find a wonderful wine, that tasted like a deep shiraz, or a fresh crisp Pinto Grigio, and it didn’t have alcohol, I would be just as happy to drink that.     For me it’s the taste – I just love it.      

I found PC’s De-Alcoholized Sparking Wine, and it’s amazing!!!      It tastes like Champagne, which I didn’t mention above, but love it too (sigh, no, double sigh).     I have it in a wine glass, with icecubes – no…. this is not something I would normally do, but feel it’s acceptable if it doesn’t have alcohol(?????).     OK, whatever, it’s cold and delicious, and sparkling.     I’m as pleased as a peacock right now.  

Christmas on Eden 003

Christmas on Eden 002

Christmas on Eden

Never mind, my cleaning ladies were here today, and my house is spotless, I have a fire on, my hub and pooch are coming back from the cottage hopefully with my birch logs for tomorrow’s outdoor project, and my iPod is toggling between Diana Krall, Nat King Cole, Harry Conick Jr. and Charlie Brown Christmas music. 

Christmas on Eden 004

So what do you do on Friday nights?    Drop me a comment, would love to hear what other people get up to on Friday night.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!



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Project Procrastination

Ahhhh Sunday morning.      We are up and about – coffee is made and the fire is on.      I love having fires, but they are especially a treat in the morning while drinking coffee.

So today I’ve decided to tackle all the projects that I have been procrastinating on.       My first is loading every CD I own onto iTunes so I can turn my iPod, now configured for MAC, into a PC friendly iPod.    I have been meaning to do this for years.    You see, my friend Nat loaded up my iPod for me years ago, but she’s one of the MAC users (you know the one’s, they’ll only use MACS ‘cause they’re the best), and so have lived with this version for all these years.    No more!

Second, I plan on organizing our laundry room.    We (I should say my husband) is insulating it these days, so it is a focus at our house.      I see baskets, organized baskets.

Third, I do believe it’s time to put the patio furniture, if not at least the cushions, away for the season.     I’d say it’s about time.

And, if time permits, I’m “itchin’” to hang my wreaths.      Perhaps I’ll just dig them out of storage and I’ll be one step closer to dressing up my already pretty front door.

Isn’t November great?!      See, this is what I was talking about earlier in the month.     Get at your projects, you’ll be happier in December for it (or so my November horoscope says).


(cartoon via Inspiration Online)

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