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Am feeling a little Yoga.

What I know for sure, Oprah?    Today is Saturday, and today is going to be a yoga day.    Yes indeed friends, I feel it in my bones today (or I guess I should say muscles).     

Yin class is on in 35 minutes so short post.      And it’s with my favorite yogi,   

M-A-R-K-U-S…….:) 🙂

Lot’s on the agenda today.    Yoga 9:30-11:00.     Edelweisse Ski Hill Open house, Outdoor Project (birch logs arrived safe and sound last night from Fort William, Quebec), a stop at Home Outfitters for sheets to complete my Headboard-Bed ensemble, and then Hub, Layla and I, have been invited out to dinner at our friends’ place.

Whew – wish me luck fittin’ it all in.     BUT!!!  Because of my PC Celebration drinks last night, I have tonssssssss of energy and initiative today.

Now, on another note, check out:   Centsational Girl’s thoughts on Less is More..   I love her ideas here, and am thinking of recreating the same thing on our dining room hutch.


(photo via Centsational Girl)


(photo via Centsational Girl)

This “girl” (her name is Kate), has fantastic style on a “centsational” budget. 

Happy Happy Saturday!



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Project November….

Decided to take an idea from another blogger (Things That Make Me Happy…), ‘cause I loved the idea so much.      November can be a tough month (for some) – Thanksgiving (Canadian) is over, Halloween is over, and really, November is (usually) dark, rainy, and well……eventless.      While I love the fall on the whole, I find a few of these months pretty tough.     And this has nothing to do with wacked out hormones.      It’s just……….well…….November.

So I decided to borrow the idea of listing all the great things to love about this month, November.      Here it goes:

1.   The Ottawa Wine and Food Show is this weekend (gastro delight)

2.   A few friends’ birthdays (means celebrations)

3.   The time change – brings bright mornings (come on that’s a good thing)

4.   Lots of time for early Christmas shopping (delayed pay-off I know – we’ll be happy for November the week before Christmas)

5.   Time to experiment with the CrockPot (made amazing stew last night – I wouldn’t do this in July, just sayin’)

6.  Project Yoga – lots of time in November, get your ass to Yoga

7.   The Muscular Dystrophy Gala here in Ottawa – fun and a good cause

8.   One last hike in the Gatineau park

9.  My new fabric for my headboard arrives this weekend – this means decorating project coming right up

10.   Movies – it’s a month to catch some new flicks.

Bonus:      My Hunter rainboots arrived today – Monday, November 1st.


So all in all, we should have gratitude for November.      November is an AWESOME month providing all kinds of opportunity for cool projects, getting outside before the (really) cold weather, hooking up with some friends before all the crazy Christmas parties start, and cooking some good food.

Is anyone out there buying this?

So, what’s on your top 10 list?


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Yoga. Love. Inspired.

I just got home from my yoga class.      I went to a Yin class at Santosha Yoga  in Westboro.   I am so pleased with my class.   I LOVE Yin Yoga.    It’s exactly what I always thought yoga was, or should be.    I can’t wait to do it again.     And the instructor was amazing – Markus Sanchez.       If you can catch his class, highly recommend you take it.

As I was walking home, I stopped into a home decor store, and got the decorating bug.    And now, as I write this, I am watching Sarah Richardson.

I’m finding wallpaper more and more appealing.    Now, I know it’s been all-the-go, for a few years, but it’s just really hit me.      I’m itchy to decorate.     Am planning a trip up Merivale Road to a fabric store as soon as I sign off.   Good thing to do on a rainy Saturday I think. 

In the meantime, some inspiration:



Love this room by Sarah Richardson.


Dining room by Sarah Richardson.

Off to the fabric store – how I love fabric.      And wallpaper, apparently.

Happy rainy Saturday afternoon.


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Project Yoga……working?

I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday, life was busy, but am so pleased to report that it ended with a yoga class.    Yup, so that means Yoga on Tuesday morning AND Wednesday night, and the week’s not over yet!     (oh and I should mention I also worked out Monday morning and Wednesday morning at the gym).   So far so good on the yoga front.

So, I’m not sure about you, but am feeling a little tilt in the universe.     Like a correction or shift of some kind.     Kinda like a correction in the stock market or the real estate market.   I can’t explain it, but weird things are happening in my relationships – thankfully not with my husband or immediate fam – but more with friends, work colleagues etc.

Have you ever felt that a strange force takes over your world, and hits you over the head hard enough that it makes you sit up and pay attention?    You may not know why, or what the message is.    But somehow you know that if you wait long enough the answer will come.

Maybe it’s Project Yoga, I like to think so (yes I know I’ve only taken 2 classes) but for the first time in my life, I am able roll with ‘ it’.       For the first time,  am able to not attach to ‘it’, not make ‘it’ mine just because someone has tried to project on to me, not own ‘it’ when it’s not mine, and certainly not stew on ‘it’.     How empowering this is, I gotta say.

Could it be yoga?  You know, being centered, and one with the divine light?     I’m going with it.    I like it.    It feels right.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to focus on what feels good, and things that matter.      


This is on my sister’s facebook, and coincidently I stumbled upon it tonight, so I figure it’s been put in my path for a reason.

Enjoy – hope it means something to you.


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Easy like Sunday morning.

It’s Sunday morning, it’s 9:37 am, and I am still lying in bed.    Ahhhhhhh….   We’ve been awake since 6:30 (pretty early considering we had a party last night and went to bed at midnight).       We’ve been up a few times for coffee, some eats, to make more coffee, and to get more reading material.

I’m liking this I gotta say.     If this is what my ND had in mind by ‘filling the tank’, then I’m down with it.

Noooo, JK.    I am heading to a yoga class at 2:00 this afternoon.     AND I AM GOING TO LOVE IT!!     Ashley from Calmly and Chaotic tells me that PranaShanti here in Ottawa is like going to a beautiful spa.       I like beautiful spas.     I like doing yoga in beautiful spa like settings.  Yes, yes, I do.


This is the “Body Room” at PranaShanti.

Tonight we are off to see the one and only Roger Waters.    For those of you younger than I, he was the bassist in Pink Floyd.    My husband is pumped, I………am the support wife.      I think I am more looking forward to Marshie’s chicken wings before hand.

Ah well……a good rockin’ concert is good for the soul, some (?) say.

Here’s to “another brick in the wall”……….Happy easy Sunday.



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