I’ve moved – please come and visit

Hi everyone,

I’ve made a move and decided to take up home over with Blogger.     Please come and visit me there – it’s where I”ll be permanently now.


Hope to see you there!!!


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What’s good about being 40-something….

I think it’s about time we talked about all the great things about being 40-something (or maybe you’re 30 or 20-something, and some of these resonate with you).

1.     When you say no, you mean no – and no, it’s not personal.

2.     When you say yes, you mean yes, no alternative motives.

3.     You are very aware of how others make you feel – or don’t feel in some cases – and take note.

4.    Being alone is cherished instead of feared.

5.    Cellulite on your butt doesn’t matter.

6.   You know who your real friends are, and likely, there aren’t that many (and that’s OK).

7.    You realize how little people are thinking about you, and that’s a good thing.

8.   You worry less about what road to take, ‘cause you’ve likely travelled many (if you’re anything like me) and they aren’t so scary anymore.

9.    Money isn’t viewed as such a hardship –but rather a positive thing.

10.   You’ve figured out some of the things that bring you joy, and repeat them.

11.   You’re OK to be in separate room as your partner and not think the sky is falling.

12.   You’ve figured out what your life purpose is (or maybe you haven’t but you have some ideas at least)

13.   You now understand your parents.

14.   You worry less about what people think of you (see #7)

15.    You have a personal style all of your own.

16.    Eating a cupcake is not going to make you fat!

keep calm 


OK, so that’s a few of my thoughts on “what’s good about being 40-something”.   What are some of yours?


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Big bang for pocket change…

The Next Outdoor project is complete, and we’re pretty happy.     Well one small little hiccup – which I’ll share.     

Christmas on Eden 006

This is one of our ensembles.    

Christmas on Eden 009

Pic with both – so far pretty good.

Christmas on Eden 010

And again – with both.

The only thing, is the one on the right was wobbly, and the first wind that came blew it over.    You see it had water in it and the water had froze.   So, when we went to get the urns to do our project this afternoon, one was full of ice.    We spent 45 minutes trying to melt the ice to get the ice out.     And low-and-behold,  the bottom had rounded somewhat and was no longer flat.     

So, we have one urn out right now, the other tucked away till we can figure out how to flatten the bottom.      I have it moved closer to the driveway so it looks like there is only supposed to be one.

My handy-dandy husband is going to jig something up for us.   

All to say, this project cost us about $6 for both urns.     The pots I had from many years gone by, the birch is from our cottage lot, the cedar and pine branches we cut in the forest yesterday, we bought skinny long twigs at Dollarama – one bundle for $2 and we bought 2 bunches.     And the gold stars were from Dollarama and they were $1 each!!     Each ensemble – $3!!!

Big bang for pocket change – now this makes me happy 🙂


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Am feeling a little Yoga.

What I know for sure, Oprah?    Today is Saturday, and today is going to be a yoga day.    Yes indeed friends, I feel it in my bones today (or I guess I should say muscles).     

Yin class is on in 35 minutes so short post.      And it’s with my favorite yogi,   

M-A-R-K-U-S…….:) 🙂

Lot’s on the agenda today.    Yoga 9:30-11:00.     Edelweisse Ski Hill Open house, Outdoor Project (birch logs arrived safe and sound last night from Fort William, Quebec), a stop at Home Outfitters for sheets to complete my Headboard-Bed ensemble, and then Hub, Layla and I, have been invited out to dinner at our friends’ place.

Whew – wish me luck fittin’ it all in.     BUT!!!  Because of my PC Celebration drinks last night, I have tonssssssss of energy and initiative today.

Now, on another note, check out:   Centsational Girl’s thoughts on Less is More..   I love her ideas here, and am thinking of recreating the same thing on our dining room hutch.


(photo via Centsational Girl)


(photo via Centsational Girl)

This “girl” (her name is Kate), has fantastic style on a “centsational” budget. 

Happy Happy Saturday!


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De-Alcoholized Wine – is it worthy, part deux

Tip:   the ice cubes??  Don’t do it.      It takes the fizz, or (a-hem) effervescence out of the wine causing it to taste like flat watered down champagne.   Nothing about that is good.      

I shall continue to search for a “worthy” de-alcoholized wine, and will update accordingly.

Happy swirling.

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De-Alcoholized Wine – is it worthy?

Friday night it is folks!      Yes, indeed, it’s wind down night, and as I mentioned in the past, it is my night to blow off steam, kick back either with my hub, and/or with friends, and bring on some delicious wine and food.

Fast forward three weeks to today.      (Just as a refresher – I am on a 30-day “Alcohol-Free-Zone” to test alcohol, or the lack of, on my brain.    Yes, that’s right, does it make me crazy, is the question???).

OK, so back to today.    I am so happy right now, I can hardly stand it, and there are lots of reasons for this, friends.       First, it’s Friday, this we know for sure.      Second, last night while out to see a musical, we had some time to kill, so a friend and I dropped into a grocery store to see what they had by way of de-alcoholized wine.       Sidebar:    I always said, if I could find a wonderful wine, that tasted like a deep shiraz, or a fresh crisp Pinto Grigio, and it didn’t have alcohol, I would be just as happy to drink that.     For me it’s the taste – I just love it.      

I found PC’s De-Alcoholized Sparking Wine, and it’s amazing!!!      It tastes like Champagne, which I didn’t mention above, but love it too (sigh, no, double sigh).     I have it in a wine glass, with icecubes – no…. this is not something I would normally do, but feel it’s acceptable if it doesn’t have alcohol(?????).     OK, whatever, it’s cold and delicious, and sparkling.     I’m as pleased as a peacock right now.  

Christmas on Eden 003

Christmas on Eden 002

Christmas on Eden

Never mind, my cleaning ladies were here today, and my house is spotless, I have a fire on, my hub and pooch are coming back from the cottage hopefully with my birch logs for tomorrow’s outdoor project, and my iPod is toggling between Diana Krall, Nat King Cole, Harry Conick Jr. and Charlie Brown Christmas music. 

Christmas on Eden 004

So what do you do on Friday nights?    Drop me a comment, would love to hear what other people get up to on Friday night.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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Was out with four other ladies tonight at a musical called Menopositive.


This is a musical about four women who were early 50’s, in menopause, and who had all gone through ups and downs in their lives.     There lives had not turned out they way they thought they would have (always an interesting conversation amongst women I find), and they were coming together after 35 years of being out of high school.

It made me realize how everyone is on their own journey, following their own dreams (or not, in some cases), and that really….life is both what you make it and how you choose to look at it.      After listening to some of the character’s hardships, that were very real, I realized how fortunate I have been (even through my scenic route), and how grateful I am for the gifts in my life.

couple kissing on dock

This picture depicts many of those gifts I am grateful for.

What are you grateful for? and how can you change the way you look at things, so the things you look at change?


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